What We Do

We are happy to announce we now offer high quality manufactured sleepers in many sizes and styles.  They can be equipped to meet any requirements.  They are DOT approved and feature a steel frame and aluminum skin and cost a fraction of our custom fabricated units.
Bolt Performance builds an elegant new class of utility vehicle. Our all metal integrated
sleeper cab is the next evolution in light duty trucks. Our sleeper seats three, sleeps two adults, and is equipped with the latest in electronic communications and entertainment. It provides an elegant, private, and secure space for sleeping, entertaining,computing, gaming, doing business, or just having fun.
Our one ton version offers a new realm of possibilities for racers, boaters, equestrians, and anyone that tows heavy loads. It also presents commercial uses that entail long distances or remote operations. Each vehicle is designed and built to meet the specific needs of each user.
We are currently building a half ton version with a more compact sleeper for a client who doesn’t need the towing or hauling capacity of an HD truck. A unit like this is more suitable for sport and outdoor uses like hunting, fishing, mountain biking, dirt biking, and just traveling.
Contact us about your special application…….